Cost Factors of Forensic Animations

In the past, many companies were quoting animations based on a dollar per second rate for finished footage and there appears to be a trend away from anime this method of pricing. Part of the reason is that the amount of work involved in producing one second of animation can vary enormously depending on what … Read more

Why Downward Dating Is Harmful

Are you dating people that you cannot afford to be with? I don’t just mean fiscally, I mean mentally, emotionally, socially, educationally, spiritually and or economically. When you choose someone new to date, are you on an equal playing field? I have coined the phrase “Downward dating. ” Downward facing dog is a traditional yoga … Read more

How Old is Too Old to Love Cartoons?

I am going to be completely honest here. I am well past the age that most people would think is acceptable to watch cartoons. I am a married father and have a college degree and manage a business. You would think by looking at me that my favorite television shows would be the news and … Read more

Is Publicity Perpetuating Animal Abuse?

This is a Catch-22; in attempting to raise awareness on animal abuse issues, animal advocacy groups, the law officials and concerned citizens publicize the details of horrific animal abuse crimes but in our efforts to raise awareness are we actually helping to perpetrate more crimes? Take the Michael Vick case, a high profile, celebrity, animal … Read more