Is Publicity Perpetuating Animal Abuse?

This is a Catch-22; in attempting to raise awareness on animal abuse issues, animal advocacy groups, the law officials and concerned citizens publicize the details of horrific animal abuse crimes but in our efforts to raise awareness are we actually helping to perpetrate more crimes?12 best anime premiering in the new fall 2021 season - Polygon

Take the Michael Vick case, a high profile, celebrity, animal cruelty, dog fighting case. It has been publicized to the point that people who never heard of Michael Vick now know who he is and what he’s done. People who never knew the horrors of dog fighting have gotten an education they never anticipated or expected. Now look in the news; story after story on dog fighting เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์. I’m not talking about the large dog fighting rings that have been uncovered because public awareness has been raised, that’s a big positive! What I am talking about are the stories that are surfacing of kids on street corners and alleys and backyards, fighting dogs, 12 and 15 yr olds being arrested. Has this been happening all along or can some of this be attributed to these children emulating a ‘sport’s hero’ and all of the publicity surrounding the story?

What about the dog burnings? There have been two relatively recent, high profile, highly publicized cases involving dogs being doused with an accelerant and set on fire; the DeShawn Brown case in which Mercy, a 10 month old pit bull, was stabbed and set on fire and the Derick Phanord case in which another pit bull, dubbed Maximus, was doused and set on fire, both dogs eventually died due to their injuries. Now we are hearing this happening more and more. Juan Daniels, 20, was arrested in Alabama for ‘allegedly’ beating his family’s dog then setting him on fire after being denied the use of the family car. There’s been a rash of dog burnings in Atlanta, almost a dozen. Originally officials thought this might be attributed to gang activity but now they just don’t know. There have been several other cases as well where dogs were set on fire or had some caustic substance poured on them and no one was ever caught or arrested.

After hearing more and more stories like this I begin to question, in the attempt to raise awareness of animal abuse issues, are these highly publicized accounts actually perpetuating the violence. Are there sick and twisted individuals out there reading these stories and getting their kicks, and getting ideas?

Everyone’s heard of copycat crimes. Someone hears about something someone else has done and for one sick reason or another, they are intrigued or excited and figure they’ll do the same thing themselves. Is this happening with many of these horrific animal abuse crimes or would the people who are doing these things be doing them anyway?cc

To be quite honest, in all the research I’ve done, the results are disappointingly inconclusive, one way or another. There’s a great deal of talk and discussion and opinions, but no real evidence to prove or disprove. One of the problems is the lack of a central database on animal abuse, even the FBI does not separately categorize animal abuse crimes, and the lack of reporting of animal abuse. Often this can be attributed to the fact that so many people regard animals as ‘just a dog’ or ‘just a cat’ and give its life very little worth. And as much as animal advocates try to publicize to raise the awareness of the heinousness of animal abuse, there are others that trivialize it, often the very system that advocates are working to show that changes need to come, the legal and judicial system.

They trivialize by not charging abusers, by dismissing charges and by giving such lenient sentences that it sends a message out that ‘it’s no big deal.’ You see such cases and sentences publicized all the time and it doesn’t take a genius to understand the message this sends.

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