Masticating Juicer — Features and Benefits

Electrical appliances have played a crucial role in simplifying the effort of daily life. The top smacking breakfast recipes which satiate the morning hunger pang and your tastebuds are now easy to prepare. Doctors, health experts and almost everyone who is an exercise lover believes that having a glass of freshly squashed juice does wonders for your health. But people often get lazy when it comes to swearing by this ritual. After all, who has the time, energy and drive to squeeze fruits early in the morning? Therefore, the introduction of electronic juicers has made things much easier for people, especially the fitness freaks.

Both masticating and centrifugal juicers are helpful to the user and are efficient in the function of juicing. Unlike centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer consists of an auger which functions at the pace of 80 to 100 RPM. It usually functions with a single auger or gear. pigeon juicer mixer grinder This feature pulverizes the food fibre of fruits and squeezes every find of juice from it. A large set of benefits how the user gets on using a masticating juicer.

Keeps nutrition in one piece
This type of juicer is recommended if you want to take in maximum nutrition from your juices. Due to a single auger, there is less heat produced and the juice is taken out slowly. This helps in maintaining the vitamins, digestive support enzymes and find vitamins that are naturally present in the vegetables and fruit.

More quantity of juice
The speed and pressure which a masticating juicer exerts on the vegetables and fruit is more than other styles of juicers. So, it can be safety stated that masticating juicers are more efficient in the functioning of juicing. In other styles of juicers the dry pulp holds some amount of juice. But here, you get 20% more juice than any other type of juicer.

Has better endurance for food fibre
The green leafy vegetables and things like wheatgrass, barley and other are rich in food fibre. They are more coarse that the regular oranges, grapefruits and pomegranates. Therefore, the juicer with a high endurance for food fibre is more functional in squeezing the juice of high fibrous foods. Masticating juicer with its single gear or auger crushes and pulverizes the food fibre in fruits and high fibrous vegetables. In centrifugal and other types of juicers, it’s a little tricky to prepare green juices since the spinach, lettuce, bottle gourd etc are not squashed that well.

Longer durability
Since the juicing process is done gradually, without outing too much pressure on the device, a masticating juicer runs for a longer period of time. The amount of repairs and maintenance required is reasonably less too. Durable and sustainable devices are far better to keep in the house than the ones which function superbly for 11 weeks and start giving trouble later on.

Can be used otherwise apart from juicing
Apart from squeezing juice, you can also use the masticating juicer mixing machine grinder for other purposes like homogenizing butter, sorbets, ice creams etc. It is a wonderful alternative to mix batter and prepare salsas, baby foods, oranges etc.

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