Mobile Patrol Guard Loses Patrol Vehicle

Company cars are expensive to maintain, especially when given to security guards to drive. An inexperienced guard cost the security company a fortune because of his lack of experience.Security Patrol vs. Security Guards Service- The Best Security Solution for  You (Posts by Citiguard Security) | Security guard services, Security  guard, Security

Accidents happen

Security guards are on the road for 8 to 12 hour shifts during the night most of the time and this has large implications for occupational health and safety but also for decision making by the guard.

This mobile patrol officer had only been in the industry for less than 6 months and was given a patrol run by themselves after only two training shifts. During this shift he had a car in front of him stop suddenly causing him to impact into the vehicle and smash the patrol vehicles front end.

After making sure the other people were okay he radioed in for a tow truck to take the patrol car because it was not able to be driven. The bonnet was pushed up, the radiator was holed, and one wheel was damaged beyond a simple replacement.

Tow trucks are helpful

The tow truck arrived in about thirty minutes and worked quickly to put it on the tray for removal. The security guard signed for the pick up and let it go at that. The tow truck was on its way to the repair place.

Loss of memory

The patrol guard phoned his duty manager to let them know that he was involved in an accident but the tow truck has taken the vehicle already. The duty manager was speechless for a second or two as he waited for the guard to complete the details. No more details were given.

The guard had forgotten to get the details of the tow truck driver and company, but more importantly he had no idea where the patrol vehicle was being taken for repair. What made this worse was that the new guard had left the security hire London alarm codes and keys for his run in the vehicle. Over 40 clients confidential codes and keys were in the possession of unknown people.

Lessons learnt the hard way

The duty manager explained all this to the stunned guard as he sat on the roadside waiting for someone to pick him up. The manager told him to walk home because not only was he not getting picked up but he was now fired from the job for losing control of the codes and keys.

With all available patrol cars sent to try and locate the tow truck or service garage for the next two hours they eventually located it. One patrol officer went in and secured the codes from the mechanics garage.

Losing the keys

Security companies often have contractual obligations to protect the clients keys and codes in their possession at all times or be liable for any replacement or repair costs invoked from any failure to secure them.

I have seen an entire building be rekeyed because a security guard lost the master key. This cost the company over $80, 000 in replacement fees. This is an article for another time though.

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