Some fascinating information about Japanese pornography.

Japan’s porn industry is worth more than 20 billion dollars it is not shocking since Japan has twice the amount of films with X ratings as the United States. A veteran actor in the industry estimates that this is more than 5,000 titles per year, which is equivalent to 14 pornographic films released every day in Japan. What’s even more impressive though, is that many people pay for these films. Japan actually is ranked second (behind South Korea) when regards the amount of money its citizens spend on adult entertainment. The Japan Adult Expo (JAE) was started by Japan’s porn producer in order to express their gratitude to their fans.

The JAE markets itself as an “Adult Video Fan Thanksgiving Festival” in which XXX studios from across the country come together each year to announce their latest releases and เว็บหนังโป๊ญี่ปุ่น  let people connect with their performers. In November of 2017 I visited the JAE and discovered some fascinating information about Japanese pornography.

1. A few fans collect Porn Stars, similar to baseball Cards

In the few minutes following my arrival at the expo, I came across a Japanese fan who was wearing a bizarre camera. I talked to him for a few minutes and learned that the camera was one of the Fujifilm Instax camera. It creates small, instant images known as cheki. These cameras are often used by Japanese sports/music fans to capture tiny Polaroids of their favourite stars which are then autographed and traded among their. It turns out that some people do the same with their favorite adult performers.The young fan I met informed me that he came to the event to increase his collection. It already comprised hundreds of cheki of Japanese porn stars. Many of which were signed by the artist. To him, it was nothing like collecting baseball cards (except it’s probably not a good idea to put porn cheki on the spokes of your bike.) He wasn’t the only one who was enthused by his hobby. Many fans strolled the expo area using instant cameras as well as those who didn’t have their own camera could purchase a set of chekis and have it signed by bikini-clad models in the exhibit’s numerous studio booths. The median cost was 500 Y (less than $5) per three-cheki set.

2. Virtual Reality is the hottest thing in Japanese Porn.

Five companies offered VR porn experiences at JAE. The wait time was for you to join the line for about 15 minutes. I did not try them all but that’s all right because all the available VR porn experiences were similar: after putting the headset on, you saw “yourself” from neck down being, erm taken care of by one to three women. That’s probably what caused the issue.

If, as with the male body model featured in the video that was recorded, you have a small frame and are virtually hairless, you’re unlikely to become too distracted by the film. While this was a great factor for the JAE however, it doesn’t make sense for Japan’s growing VR porn industry. Some studios have attempted to improve their VR experiences less sexually explicit and more intimate, with their VR actors resembling kisses or whispering encouragement words or love declarations into your virtual ear. One representative said that VR isn’t a viable option and that it will probably die out within the next few years.

3. Japan Basically Has No Such Thing As Professional Male Porn Actors

There aren’t many things more rare in this world than a Japanese male porn performer. According to some sources, there are between 30 and 70 men who are full-time employed in the Japanese industry of XXX. They’re not lying, and the figures aren’t missing one or two zeroes. They’re also not the 1,000-Year pay per film male actors could expect when they enter Japan’s porn business, which might explain why there are so many of them.

The JAE was able to reflect this state of events faithfully, presenting virtually no male performers anywhere at the show. But all that was changed after Taka “Goldfinger”, the male porn star made his debut. He was immediately welcomed by hundreds of thrilled fans. The excitement of the crowd was understandable considering that, within the realm of Japanese porn male performers are even rarer than an albino Bigfoot.4. Geeks Can be a Very Lucrative Porn Market

The most popular exhibits at JAE included Saikyo Zokusei as well as GIGA. Both companies specialize in “geek” porn and earn lots of money making actresses dress up as superheroines, princesses, fantasy warriors, etc.

The folks at GIGA stated that their average user can spend around $100 per month on their porn DVDs, as well as other merchandise which is way above Japan’s average per capita porn-related spending of $157 a year. GIGA’s most popular films include several Sailor Moon-inspired magical girl films, but they’re hoping that their superhero-themed line of films is their next major bestseller.

The Saikyo Zokusei fantasy-themed models were different, however. The company’s “gimmick” or “gimmick,” as they refer to it is that all models are geeks. And the girls do indeed take on the role. They will answer any questions that you have regarding anime, comic books, and video games. Some fans may feel more connected to models, and thus appreciate the porn that features them more.

5. People will gladly pay money to get closer to their favourite porn star

At the JAE, every booth sold DVDs, photos, as well as T-shirts. Some companies did more than this. Lammtarra had the most unique “services” on their stand.

The models of the company were available to interact with customers in engaging and fun ways, ranging from Y=1,000. One of their offerings was blowing on the client’s ear or putting them on their head, then slapping them on the back, or placing them in the headlock. I spoke with one of the guests who was offered the headlock and could not be happier with the entire experience. It’s an amazing experience for his fellow guests to be able to experience this intimate and in-depth to a person they’ve been awed by for years.

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