Tobacco giant Philip Morris sees iQOS as vital to a smoke-free future in the UK

According to a senior executive at cigarette maker Philip Morris International, the company’s iQOS heated tobacco product has the potential to make the United Kingdom smoke-free in the coming years.IQOS ILUMA series equipments comparison and the taste of TEREA cartridges  review - UWOO

According to iqos review, Philip Morris’ managing director for the United Kingdom and Ireland, over 70 percent of people who use iQOS have been able to stop smoking regular cigarettes since the product’s launch in December. According to him, e-cigarettes are used by around 15-20 percent of the population, which is significantly lower.

Tobacco sticks, known as Heets, are heated to a temperature high enough to generate vapour, but not smoke, unlike electronic cigarettes, which use liquid nicotine.

Philip Morris, which owns the Marlboro brand, has submitted a request with the Food and Drug Administration to have iQOS recognised as having “modified risk” compared to cigarettes.

A report released last month put into question the relative health advantages of these devices, showing that they emit chemicals connected to cancer at levels that are typically larger than those observed in ordinary cigarettes. There are now “vaping” devices available from other tobacco firms such as BAT and JT but Philip Morris is still the market leader.

Final verdict on product

When compared to the 820 billion conventional cigarettes the firm sells, the 7 billion Heets the company sells each year are a drop in the bucket for the business. The company plans to create 100 billion Heets next year, up from 400 million last year, according to Nixon, who spoke to the BBC.

Tobacco sales would ultimately be phased away, Nixon remarked during his appearance. We’re moving at breakneck speed.

Last words

Philip Morris has hired “freelancers” to help reduce the number of smokers in the United Kingdom, according to Nixon. They may earn up to $64.95 each person who changes from cigarettes to iQOS via Philip Morris as independent contractors in the capacity of cessation coaches.


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